Brian D. Garrity

Author of:
Bullseye, Inc.

Growing up in western Wisconsin, Brian D. Garrity spent much of it living on the Mississippi River. After moving to the Twin Cities to attend the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, he became entrenched in the local underground art and music scene.
During the nineties and beyond, Brian was a photographer, shooting bands for national and international music magazinzines.
In 2005, he self-published the novella, Ready-Made Dreams, and Onyx Neon Press included the dystopian short Godless in their 2010 Sci-Fi anthology, Cifiscape Vol., The Twin Cities. Still Waters Run Deep, a Novel chronicling the misadventures of River Rats on the upper Mississippi during the 70’s, was self published in the Fall of 2010, and is available at Brian currently resides in Minneapolis, in a nearly continues state of astonistment.


Other work by Brian D. Garrity

Still Waters Run Deep
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