Making a Book: Methods to Publish Your Work
Monday, January, 23rd, 2012

PASA and Onyx Neon Press would like to cordially invite you to the first skills workshop of the spring semester: Making A Book

Humphrey Offices room 175, Friday January 27th, 3:00-4:30
Refreshments will be provided by PASA

Perhaps you want to publish your travel narrative, a master piece, or an organizational report. Regardless of your content, this workshop will walk you through the basics of publishing you or your communities writing, tricks for designing it, and allow you to turn your work into a professionally bound book available on amazon, and other on-line book sellers. Come here from Author Aaron Wilson and Editors of Onyx Neon about the process of getting writing into print.

Please RSVP at: http://www.facebook.com/events/149538631826565/

Warm Regards,

Two Hearts in a ribcage
Thursday, January, 19th, 2012

If you read the previous volume of Cifiscape you'll know that one of the most memorable stories was about a man who had a shit job, where he found a dead body at work (spoilers!), and you'll also know that it was pitch perfect, and fabulously written.

The author we are announcing today is tremendously talented in both his creativity and his execution. His dry wit and attention to detail makes him stand out in a collection of talented writers such as we have. Today we are proud to announce that Max Hrabal will be joining Cifiscape again with a story in the upcoming Volume. His story is excellent and we cannot wait for you to read it.

Comics return to Cifiscape Vol II

It's probably not what you're thinking, but we are happy to announce that yet another author from the previous volume of Cifiscape will be making an appearance in Vol. II. This author, or rather this artist, gave Vol. I a little comic relief and challenged us by making us see that we don't know what the future of the Twin Cities will hold, and by forcing us to look at our current use of technology in a humorous, yet poignant light.

In Vol. II he does it again, and we are so happy to have him back, shedding light on current and future issues.
That's right, Bob Lipski, creator of Uptown Girl, and author of numerous books involving the character, as well as Ill Communication from Vol. I will be returning for Vol. II. We are tremendously excited to have him back and we cannot wait for you to read Bob's new comic, really and truly, it's wonderful.
You can keep up with Bob on his website as well as his blog.

Behind Schedule, but Ebooks

Hey everybody we just wanted to apologize for suddenly dropping off the face of the planet this past week. We were hard at work on the cover and book designer as well as getting author questions written when suddenly the computer of our designer (that's me) blew up. So, we're a little behind schedule, but over all everything is coming together. Hopefully we'll have the cover and book finished by the end of January, so that we can get it to you no later than March (obviously we'd love to have it to you sooner).

We would like to go ahead and announce that Cifiscape vol I and II will both be available on the Kindle and Nook a little bit after Cifiscape Vol II is released (delay only because we believe in quality of production). So, have no fear, my nerdy friends you will be able to enjoy all 9 stories of Cifiscape Vol II and all 7 of Cifiscape Vol I in all their glory on your favorite handle held ereader.

At this exact moment we're working on getting those author announcements up, so that you can all geek out about who is going to be in this next volume.
Also in the coming weeks you will be able to begin to read synopses of the stories in both volume I as well as volume II so you'll begin to understand why we're so excited about this upcoming volume. Because, seriously folks this one's even better than the last one.

Thank you for your patience, we're working on getting back on track, and hopefully making up for lost time.
You guys are the best, have a wonderful day,


The Saga Continues

We are announcing an author today who is a real treat for us. He was previsouly featured in Cifiscape Volume I and when we saw that he submitted a story for this volume we flipped our $&^#, seriously, we love this author. Some authors struggles with dialogue, some authors struggle with plot or character development, he struggles with neither. His gift is for the scene, though. If you recall his story from volume one it was a mere ten pages but you were able to see the scene in front of you, it was like watching photographs come to life, which makes sense considering his profession.

Brian D. Garrity has been a photographer for a number of years, and is all the more talented for it. He is able to craft a scene and show characters as people, even if they are the most ridiculous or down-to-earth people you can imagine, it matters not, Brian can make a character sound like a real person. His story for Volume II is a continuation of the world which he so eloquently showed off in Volume I. This one has a larger narrative, but reading it is like watching a movie play out before your eyes. It's really good $^*& and we simply cannot wait for you to read it.

Go check out Brian's photographs and buy his book about a group of River Rats on the Mississipi river in the 70s: Still Waters Run Deep

A new author to our crew

The author we are announcing today is new to us here at Cifiscape. He was one of the last story submissions that we received and definitely stood out because of his unique perspective not only compared to our other authors, but also in general. His story definitely follows the original idea of looking for the optimism in the world, trying to find to the good in the strange. We loved what he had to say, and we would loved the way he had to say it.

Today we are happy to announce that Doug Donley will be joining us in the second volume of Cifiscape. His story will challenge and cause you to think, while at the same time entertain you. He's a talented guy and we couldn't be happier to have him on board for Volume II.
You can keep up with him at his church's website.

Biggest announcement yet/an old friend returns

Today's Author announcement is a big deal because this author is remarkable, not only is his writing style unique and accessible, but he is also gifted with the most rare gifts when it comes to being a writer: creativity.
His ability to craft new and original worlds would be impressive if it wasn't completely blown out of the water by his ability to make us believe in these worlds. We have been keeping up with his career since his involvement in the first volume of Cifiscape and we are happy to say that he has only grown as a writer over the past year.

Today, on the eve of the Eve of Christmas, and in the midst of the Hanukkah season, that Aaron M. Wilson will have a story in Volume II. When we first read his story for Volume II about alternate endings and chock-full of Dickens references we couldn't help, but fall in love with the dystopian reality. Keep up with him on his blog and twitter.

The next announcement will be on Wednesday, and then another big announcement on Friday! We are also beginning a series called "Author Spotlight" where we will be asking the authors in depth questions about their work, their inspirations, what kind of music they listen to when writing versus editing, and more. So look for that starting before the new year.

Preparing to announce

We are a little less than an hour away from the biggest announcement we've made so far! We're announcing an author who is familiar to this project. Who will it be?

Check back at 5 PM to find out

Author Announcement #3

We're here again today to announce the third story for Cifiscape Vol. 2. Our author today is a talented and original lover of science fiction. He teaches science fiction at The Loft and is an amazingly gifted and original writer.
Today we are proud to announce that David Oppegaard will have a story in the next Cifiscape. Keep up with him at http://www.davidoppegaard.com as well as on his Twitter

Look for our next announcement on Friday!

Author Announcement #2

Today we are announcing the second author who will be in Cifiscape Vol. 2. Well...actually, we're announcing the second and third authors and we couldn't be happier. These two authors are talented, seriously, seriously talented. I cannot say enough nice things about these two authors. Between the their raw imagination and their ability to convey their scenes we cannot wait to show you what they have in store for you.
Today we are proud to announce that Erica Lindquist and Aron Christen will have a story in the next Cifiscape. We couldn't be more excited. Keep up with them at http://www.looseleafstories.com as well as their Twitter

Website premiere and author announcement #1

To everyone who has been following the progress made on Cifiscape Vol. 2 we'd like to thank you for your continued belief in this project.
Today we have the most joyous news we can possibly imagine: today we unveil our new website AND we're announcing our first author for our next volume. Truly this is a good day for us here at Cifiscape.
There is more work to be done on the website, so don't fret, it will continue to grow and get more and more interactive over the next month or so. For now we just want to have a landing pad for everything Cifiscape related. So take a moment, poke around and let us know what you think. (you can email us at cifiscape@onyxneon.com.com if you'd like to ask any questions).

On to the big news for today, though. Today we're beginning to announce the authors for volume 2. This first author's talent is in his ability to write gritty and visceral dramatic scenes while still making it easy for us as readers to follow. We love his story and we're truly excited to have him in Volume 2.
The first author to be announced for Volume 2 is none other than Jonathan Hansen. (you can keep up with what he's up to and what he's interested in at his blog