This Isn't Your Average Wardrobe Malfunction
Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Ladies and gentlemen I would like to thank you for coming back regularly to keep up witht he author announcements, it means a lot to us that you all have been interested in the news, and today we are happy to announcement the final author for Cifiscape Vol. II. Don't worry, though this will not be the end of regular updates. We will begin releasing synopses of the stories to get you excited about the stories and we will begin the Author Spotlight feature soon as well, so, lots to look forward to.

Today, though, we are happy to announce another new comer to Cifiscape, his story is charming, unique and funny. It's an amusing venture into the world of the future without any of the distopia you might imagine for our future, in fact, his story makes it seem like the future is going to have a lot of the same problems that we face today.
Today we are happy to announce that Dale Newton will be joining us in the upcoming Volume. He takes a fanastical world and grounds it in the reality of something that we can all relate to (David Oppegaard would be proud).
You can keep up with Dale at his website.