Behind Schedule,but Ebooks

Hey everybody we just wanted to apologize for suddenly dropping off the face of the planet this past week. We were hard at work on the cover and book designer as well as getting author questions written when suddenly the computer of our designer (that's me) blew up. So, we're a little behind schedule, but over all everything is coming together. Hopefully we'll have the cover and book finished by the end of January, so that we can get it to you no later than March (obviously we'd love to have it to you sooner).

We would like to go ahead and announce that Cifiscape vol I and II will both be available on the Kindle and Nook a little bit after Cifiscape Vol II is released (delay only because we believe in quality of production). So, have no fear, my nerdy friends you will be able to enjoy all 9 stories of Cifiscape Vol II and all 7 of Cifiscape Vol I in all their glory on your favorite handle held ereader.

At this exact moment we're working on getting those author announcements up, so that you can all geek out about who is going to be in this next volume.
Also in the coming weeks you will be able to begin to read synopses of the stories in both volume I as well as volume II so you'll begin to understand why we're so excited about this upcoming volume. Because, seriously folks this one's even better than the last one.

Thank you for your patience, we're working on getting back on track, and hopefully making up for lost time.
You guys are the best, have a wonderful day,