Comics return to Cifiscape Vol II

It's probably not what you're thinking, but we are happy to announce that yet another author from the previous volume of Cifiscape will be making an appearance in Vol. II. This author, or rather this artist, gave Vol. I a little comic relief and challenged us by making us see that we don't know what the future of the Twin Cities will hold, and by forcing us to look at our current use of technology in a humorous, yet poignant light.

In Vol. II he does it again, and we are so happy to have him back, shedding light on current and future issues.
That's right, Bob Lipski, creator of Uptown Girl, and author of numerous books involving the character, as well as Ill Communication from Vol. I will be returning for Vol. II. We are tremendously excited to have him back and we cannot wait for you to read Bob's new comic, really and truly, it's wonderful.
You can keep up with Bob on his website as well as his blog.