Website premiere and author announcement #1

To everyone who has been following the progress made on Cifiscape Vol. 2 we'd like to thank you for your continued belief in this project.
Today we have the most joyous news we can possibly imagine: today we unveil our new website AND we're announcing our first author for our next volume. Truly this is a good day for us here at Cifiscape.
There is more work to be done on the website, so don't fret, it will continue to grow and get more and more interactive over the next month or so. For now we just want to have a landing pad for everything Cifiscape related. So take a moment, poke around and let us know what you think. (you can email us at cifiscape@onyxneon.com if you'd like to ask any questions).

On to the big news for today, though. Today we're beginning to announce the authors for volume 2. This first author's talent is in his ability to write gritty and visceral dramatic scenes while still making it easy for us as readers to follow. We love his story and we're truly excited to have him in Volume 2.
The first author to be announced for Volume 2 is none other than Jonathan Hansen. (you can keep up with what he's up to and what he's interested in at his blog