Story Synopsis: Lethal Options by Aaron M. Wilson
Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

We're ramping up for the release of Cifiscape Vol. II: The Twin Cities by releasing the synopses of all of the stories in the book.
Today we're talking about Aaron M. Wilson's Lethal Options. His story is an existential, original and epic tale of choices.

For reasons unbeknownst, Daniel Seward struggles to find hope in three dystopian choices in which to straddle humanity's future, but more importantly, the future of The Twin Cities. Rising from what must have been a lethal biking accident on Minneapolis' Midtown Greenway, Seward stands between life and death, risking eternity in purgatory. He drifts from a Minneapolis that is free of automobiles to a St. Paul ripe with hillbilly cannibals to a Twin Cities parted by a great wall.
All three choices present problems for humanity, but Seward must choose the one future that presents humanity with the most hope, the most opportunity for redemption.

Vol. II will be available tomorrow. Check back here for more updates.