Call For Submissions - Cifiscape Volume III: London

We are officially announcing today that we are now accepting submissions for Cifiscape Volume III: London. It will once again be published by Onyx Neon Press, Onyxneon.com (cifiscape.onyxneon.com). This is an anthology of writing talent, to be set in London. After the success in the USA of two volumes on The Twin Cities, we want to see the imaginings of London. In a city with so much past, we want to explore the future. What is the future of London? In the previous volumes all sorts of dystopian wonderlands appeared, where the best and worst possible futures were playing out simultaneously. In this volume, we want to see London. What do we dream of? What's the zeitgeist? What's under our skin?

Submissions should be sent to:
Kit@onyxneon.com. We are hoping for contributions of about 5,000 words.