Biggest announcement yet/an old friend returns

Today's Author announcement is a big deal because this author is remarkable, not only is his writing style unique and accessible, but he is also gifted with the most rare gifts when it comes to being a writer: creativity.
His ability to craft new and original worlds would be impressive if it wasn't completely blown out of the water by his ability to make us believe in these worlds. We have been keeping up with his career since his involvement in the first volume of Cifiscape and we are happy to say that he has only grown as a writer over the past year.

Today, on the eve of the Eve of Christmas, and in the midst of the Hanukkah season, that Aaron M. Wilson will have a story in Volume II. When we first read his story for Volume II about alternate endings and chock-full of Dickens references we couldn't help, but fall in love with the dystopian reality. Keep up with him on his blog and twitter.

The next announcement will be on Wednesday, and then another big announcement on Friday! We are also beginning a series called "Author Spotlight" where we will be asking the authors in depth questions about their work, their inspirations, what kind of music they listen to when writing versus editing, and more. So look for that starting before the new year.