The Saga Continues

We are announcing an author today who is a real treat for us. He was previsouly featured in Cifiscape Volume I and when we saw that he submitted a story for this volume we flipped our $&^#, seriously, we love this author. Some authors struggles with dialogue, some authors struggle with plot or character development, he struggles with neither. His gift is for the scene, though. If you recall his story from volume one it was a mere ten pages but you were able to see the scene in front of you, it was like watching photographs come to life, which makes sense considering his profession.

Brian D. Garrity has been a photographer for a number of years, and is all the more talented for it. He is able to craft a scene and show characters as people, even if they are the most ridiculous or down-to-earth people you can imagine, it matters not, Brian can make a character sound like a real person. His story for Volume II is a continuation of the world which he so eloquently showed off in Volume I. This one has a larger narrative, but reading it is like watching a movie play out before your eyes. It's really good $^*& and we simply cannot wait for you to read it.

Go check out Brian's photographs and buy his book about a group of River Rats on the Mississipi river in the 70s: Still Waters Run Deep